Macomb Then

The Family Pool - 1935

(from Summer, 2023 Macomb Now Magazine)
When Eleanor and Edsel Ford were considering their future home at Gaukler Pointe…

A Bear and A Bar - 1946

(from Fall, 2022 Macomb Now Magazine)
This is the story of a bear, a bar and some Macomb County leaders.

Mission to Learn - 1958

(from Spring, 2022 Macomb Now Magazine)
New Haven Community Schools celebrates 100 years.

A School of Bricks – 1909

(from Fall, 2021 Macomb Now Magazine)
The school in Washington Township came into being as early as 1824 when a log schoolhouse was built.

Springtime at the Springs – 1903

(from Spring, 2021 Macomb Now Magazine)
At the turn of the century it was common to see people gathered outside in Mount Clemens once the warm days of spring arrived.

Patient Caregivers – 1950

(from Summer, 2020 Macomb Now Magazine)
The Sigma Gamma Association began in the early 1900s with local young women meeting for social activities, which later led to organized charitable activities for children and raising money for local hospitals.

Rose Capital – 1944

(from Spring, 2020 Macomb Now Magazine)
Although Mount Clemens was known as the Bath City, it was also renowned for roses.

Up in Smoke – 1957

(from Fall, 2017 Macomb Now Magazine)

Midmorning on Sept. 11, 1957, acrid black smoke rose above St. Peter Catholic Church, located in the second block of Market Street, just west of Gratiot Avenue in downtown Mount Clemens.

Arsenal of Democracy – 1942

(from Spring, 2019 Macomb Now Magazine)
Imperial Japan had invaded China in 1937 and threatened to overrun all of Asia and the Pacific.

Alex J. Groesbeck – 1949

(from Summer, 2018 Macomb Now Magazine)
Michigan’s governor between 1921 and 1927, had a vision that he believed would revolutionize automobile travel.

Easter – 1951

(from Spring 2015 issue of Macomb Now Magazine)
A modern medical miracle turns 60.

Macomb Farm in Winter: A Holiday Card to our Readers – 1904

(from Winter, 2013 Macomb Now Magazine)
Merry Christmas and holiday best wishes to everyone.

Outdoor Skating – 1952

(from Winter, 2015 Macomb Now Magazine)
The hardy residents of Macomb get out their sleds or ice augurs, strap on their snowshoes or skis, lace up their boots, or shine up and sharpen their skates.

“Lucky Lindy” Returns To Selfridge Field – 1920

(from Summer, 2014 Macomb Now Magazine)
Pioneer aviator Charles A. Lindbergh was born Feb. 4, 1902 in Detroit and raised on a Minnesota farm.

The Historic Octagon House - 1860

(from Spring, 2023 Macomb Now Magazine)
The large windows on all eight sides of the 1860 Octagon House are open to the warm spring breeze, filling the rooms with air and the twilight of evening.

The Stone Farm – 1957

(from Winter, 2022 Macomb Now Magazine)
As government land began opening up in the Michigan Territory, the opportunities offered attracted many settlers to the new territory.

The Gratiot Drive-In – 1948

(from Summer, 2021 Macomb Now Magazine)
This is an experience fondly remembered by many families in the Roseville area between the late 1940s and the early 1980s.

Back to School – 1906

(from Fall, 2020 Macomb Now Magazine)
September arrives with mornings a little cooler and air a little crisper, all signs that it is back to school time, a time when students look forward to learning new things, meeting a new teacher and making new friends.

The Card Players – 1950

(from Fall, 2019 Macomb Now Magazine)
This is a country hardware store. Nothing is fancy but everything is useful and practical…

Cutting The Great Timber – 1870

(from Winter, 2019 Macomb Now Magazine)
It is hard to conceive, but Michigan’s great forests yielded more money and more fortunes than did all the gold mining in California.

Water Power at the Mill - 1878

(from Fall, 2018 Macomb Now Magazine)
By the 1840s, Log cabins were giving way to more comfortable frame homes.

Ice On The River – 1951

(from Winter, 2018 Macomb Now Magazine)
Ice grips the Clinton River in this photo view from the old iron bridge at Market Street in downtown Mount Clemens in 1951.

The Interurban Rail – 1901

(from Summer, 2017 Macomb Now Magazine)
In the early 1900s, my grandparents regularly took the Interurban, which was in fact more of a streetcar than a railroad.

Lazy River Days – 1915

(from Summer 2016 issue of Macomb Now Magazine)
The summers of my youth were slow and lazy, seemingly never ending.

Joe Louis, Grounds For Hope – 1938

(from the Fall 2016 issue of Macomb Now Magazine)
In the middle of a bustling suburb there is an unexpected slice of heaven.

One Room Schoolhouse – 1910

(from Fall, 2014 Macomb Now Magazine)
Fall has arrived with its soft golden light. Trees are beginning to turn color, laughter is heard from the school yard at recess, and the school bell rings.

The Legacy of Mr. Trinity - 1967

(from Winter, 2023 Macomb Now Magazine)
Soon after moving to Chesterfield Township, neighborhood children would knock on the Trinity family door and ask Bernard Trinity if they could borrow books from his personal library.

A 100-Year Shoreline Celebration - 1953

(from Summer, 2022 Macomb Now Magazine)
For one hundred years a small tight-knit neighborhood in St. Clair Shores, nestled along the shoreline of Lake St. Clair, has sat quietly with approximately 190 homes…

Growing Up in Waldenburg - 1903

(from Winter, 2021 Macomb Now Magazine)
Falling asleep as a small child while listening to the sounds of music from the dance hall across the road every Saturday night.

Start Your Engines – 1953

(from Summer, 2019 Macomb Now Magazine)
When our family first moved to Macomb County nearly 50 years ago we lived in an old house in Mount Clemens and back then there wasn’t air conditioning.

The Upton House – 1866

(from Spring, 2018 Macomb Now Magazine)
The Upton family embodies what Macomb County was built upon, immigrants who worked hard, showed perseverance and demonstrated innovation.

The Interurban Rail – 1901

(from Summer, 2017 Macomb Now Magazine)
In the early 1900s, my grandparents regularly took the Interurban, which was in fact more of a streetcar than a railroad.

Riding The Rails – 1912

(from Spring, 2016 Macomb Now Magazine)
Grand Trunk Western Railroad Engine 913 and its crew stopped at the Richmond (then Lenox) Train Depot, circa 1912.

PUSH – 1952

(from the Winter 2016 Edition of Macomb Now Magazine)
“Come on, let’ get out there and give that guy a hand.”

Bath City, U.S.A. – 1920

(from Fall 2015 issue of Macomb Now Magazine)
Welcome to Mount Clemens, Bath City, U.S.A.

Historic Octagon House – 1860

(from Spring, 2013 Macomb Now Magazine)
The Octagon House is listed on the national Register of Historic Places.

A President to Remember – 1960

(from Fall, 2013 Macomb Now Magazine)
Fifty years after his death, Macomb County sill remembers.

Jefferson Beach Thrills of the Past – 1927

(from the Summer 2015 issue of Macomb Now Magazine)
What could be better for summer fun than an amusement park right next to the beach?

“Thank God for Michigan,” Abraham Lincoln – 1930

(from the Summer 2013 Edition of Macomb Now Magazine)
Men of Macomb County served in the 7th and 24 the Infantry and the Michigan Cavalry.

Cider and Doughnuts: A Road Trip to Orchard and Farm – 1939

(from Fall 2012, Macomb Now Magazine)
Despite early budding of fruit trees followed by several hard freezing spring nights, loss of fruit, and this summer’s drought, northern Macomb’s orchards, cider mills, farm stands and markets are open for business.

Macomb Farm in Winter: A Holiday Card to our Readers – 1904

(from Winter, 2013 Macomb Now Magazine)
Merry Christmas and holiday best wishes to everyone.

Sun and Sand: Memories of Metro Beach – 1950

(from Summer, 2012 Macomb Now Magazine)
This could be a scene from a Hollywood movie, but it is in fact our very own metro Beach.