Cold Weather Precautions For Seniors

Cold weather can increase seniors’ risk of falling, injury and more, so follow these senior safety tips to protect yourself this season.

Keep Yourself Warm

Warm clothing prevents heat from escaping your body and protects you from the cold. Seniors without proper clothing are at higher risk for hypothermia and frostbite. Here are some of the best ways to stay warm during the winter:

  • Dress in layers, and don’t forget a hat and gloves.
  • Keep warm blankets accessible to you in your home and car.
  • Make sure windows are tightly closed so cold drafts don’t sneak in and be sure to wrap any leaky windows.

Avoid Slipping On Ice

Avoiding falls is vital for senior safety all year round but taking precautions during the icy, winter months is especially necessary. To prevent slips and falls, avoid walking on icy sidewalks unless they are dry or salted and use a mobility aid to assist you when necessary.

Watch The Forecasts

Be prepared for very cold temps, freezing precipitation and snowstorms. Checking the forecast predictions can help you plan your week, and identify which days are safest to venture out.

Some ideas for helping seniors stay mindful of the weather include:

  • Make it a habit to check the weather every morning in order to plan ahead. Check your mobile phone’s weather app each morning when you wake up or tune in to your local news broadcast.
  • Dress appropriately for the weather that day to avoid getting sick due to harsh temperatures.
  • If possible, don’t venture outside when it’s dark. It is much safer to be out during the daytime, when you (and others) have better visibility.

Stay Home As Much As Possible

During any inclement weather, the safest place to be is home. Be sure to keep your home stocked with nonperishable food items, refill your medications and reschedule plans if the weather is bad.

For residents at a senior living community, staying home doesn’t mean missing out on social connections. With a full life enrichment calendar, restaurant-style dining every night, resident-led clubs and more, everything seniors need to enjoy the season (safely!) is right out their front door.

Be Prepared For Power Outages

Winter often comes accompanied by strong winds and snowstorms, which can lead to power outages. Food, water, flashlights and batteries are helpful safety items for seniors to have readily available.

StoryPoint Is Here For You!

For more than 40 years, StoryPoint Chesterfield has been there to support seniors and families of the Macomb area during the winter season and every season of life. Soon they’ll continue to do just that at their sister community, StoryPoint Clinton Township, opening Spring 2024.

For the latest construction updates and to learn more about how you can become a Founder, call StoryPoint Clinton Township at (586)204-4964. To schedule a tour and see for yourself what life at StoryPoint is really like, call StoryPoint Chesterfield at (586)250-0352.

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