Making The Move To Senior Living: Tips For Downsizing

With spacious apartments and ample storage space, it may seem as if you could take everything with you to your new senior living community. However, while your apartment may be large, you’re most likely still downsizing from your current home — so check out these helpful tips for downsizing. 

Consider The Layout Of Your New Apartment

Before you begin sorting through your belongings, make sure you ask for the floor plan of your new apartment.

Seeing the layout of your apartment will help you determine how much you need to downsize and make it easier to decide what furniture to bring with you. By planning ahead and visualizing your space, you can avoid bringing items that are not necessary or that may not fit. 

Start Packing Early And Begin Where The Clutter Is

The task of downsizing for senior living may seem daunting. Be sure to give yourself enough time. If you aren’t rushed to make quick decisions about your belongings, downsizing won’t be as stressful.

The easiest place to begin when downsizing your home is the room with the most clutter. Start small by throwing away old newspapers and magazines or sorting through clothes you no longer wear. Old jewelry and clothes can be great items to donate, and sorting through belongings like this will help get you started downsizing. 

Consider Extra Storage Space 

Your new senior living apartment may not fit all of your most valued items. If you are finding that you are not quite ready to part with some of your items, consider investing in a small storage unit. This can help ease some of the stress of downsizing by allowing you to keep some of your most valued or larger items. 

Find A New Home For Your Possessions 

You don’t need to simply get rid of all your belongings. As you downsize your home, consider who you think would enjoy or benefit from your possessions. Keep in mind:

  • Family or friends: Sentimental items and family heirlooms make great gifts, especially if the items are associated with a meaningful memory.
  • Local charities: Clothing, appliances, and other everyday items are always needed by charities. By donating these items, you could really benefit a family in need.
  • Rummage sale: Do you have items of monetary value? Sell them! Whether through a yard sale or by other means, buyers will often come to you, so you don’t have to deal with the hassle of moving items out of your home.

For more than 40 years, StoryPoint Chesterfield has been honored to assist the seniors and families of the Macomb area in their transition to senior living, and soon they’ll continue to do just that at their sister community, StoryPoint Clinton Township, opening Spring 2024.

For the latest construction updates and to learn more about how you can become a Founder, call StoryPoint Clinton Township at (586) 204-4964. To schedule a tour and see for yourself what life at StoryPoint is really like, call StoryPoint Chesterfield at (586) 250-0352.

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