By Tracey Moro

 Start two folders – one physical to hold items you want to gather for your planning like brochures and magazines you gather on bridal gowns, banquet halls, fashion, flowers etc. and another electronic – maybe even on a google drive – to store photos, screen captures, links you want to explore and more. Both will keep you organized.
 Build your wedding website. We recommend looking into; or You will need to keep updating this site until your big day.
 Decide the top three decisions first – in any order you want. Choose where you will be married. Choose where you will have a reception. Choose who will take your photos/ videos. These three are the most important decisions and need to be done first before all others. Sometimes one will determine the other. Once you have these decided you can move forward on everything else.
 Determine your Bridal Party. Officially ask and then determine all that the bridal party will need including Bridal attire – like the Wedding Dress; Tuxedos; Bridesmaids Dresses, Makeup, Hair, plus Bridal Party Transportation, and Bridal Gifts.
 Determine your Guest List. Then you can move forward with all things related to your guests including – invitations; RSVPs; hotels; transportation and seating
 Choose your Top Vendors
    Wedding Planner
    Entertainment (ceremony, cocktail hour, reception)
    Caterers (wedding day – bridal breakfast; cocktail hour; reception; late night snacks; wedding rehearsal, bachelorette celebrations; signature cocktails/bar)
 Decide any additional special moments you will have leading up to the wedding day including engagement party; engagement photo session; shower; bachelorette/bachelor parties; rehearsal dinner, etc.
 Extras to think about for the Wedding Day itself *
    Bridal Dances
    Paper Menus
    Wedding Itinerary
    Table with photos of people can’t be present
    Place for Gifts

These are the essential decisions you will need to decide for your wedding day but there will be more that come up. Be ready for the time ahead and smile every day while planning. Congrats!

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