I’ve lived in Macomb County my whole life. In fact, my family goes back generations—four or five, I think.

Living here, I used to think was “ho-hum,” nothing special, just a place to live. But as I become more involved with Macomb Now, and as I get more mature (a euphemism for “get older”), I can appreciate this place more. You know the saying, “you can’t see past the end of your nose?” Well, this opportunity has opened my eyes to what Macomb County offers.

The upcoming issue has some fun articles in it, some of which I got to write, and most of which I would have never known or experienced without the inspiration of a publication deadline. One of the stories I wrote involved me interviewing brothers who are artists. As one brother was telling me how difficult it can be for freelance creatives to set rates and successfully run a business, I was screaming in my head, “YES! This guy is my spirit animal!”

To think, I never would have met him without the magazine.

Next, I was tracking down a program that encourages visits to the many historical places throughout Macomb County. Who knew we had so much history right here?

As I wrote the story, I found myself thinking, this would be a great summertime activity for me and my kids, as well as my recently retired dad.

Funny, how we can get caught up in our comfort zone, rarely venturing outside of the normal radius. We visit the same three restaurants, same grocery stores, same shopping centers. Why do we buttonhole ourselves like that? Apathy? Maybe. Time crunch? Certainly. Good enough excuses? Meh.

This year, I’m making it a goal of mine to visit more of Macomb County. Travel outside the bounds of my normal, and I’m open to suggestions. Where’s your favorite place in Macomb County and why?

By Rebecca Calappi

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